Used universally to hold loads on poles, the stainless steel strap enables to fix equipment for electrical networks or road signs.

The strap is usually installed with a binding tool to stretch out the strap around the pole. Once stretched, the strap is held by means of accessories such as buckles.

A patended solution

With a strong understanding of the field and an innovative capacity, MICHAUD developed and patented a buckle which enables to bind the strap and to close it: the SMART buckle.

The shape of the buckle is designed to free the installation from using a binding tool. The implementation time is highly reduced. The installation is 3 times faster than with a common buckle.

An easy installation for the fitters

Using a binding tool requires to train the fitters, especially to use the tool for work-at-height… The utility is also required to furnish to the several teams this kind of tool which represent a significant cost.

With this innovative buckle, the work on the field is highly facilitated. The buckle is adapted to several dimensions of strap and its installation is fast and easy, which makes it an essential accessory for installers.

It can be used to fix accessories like protective duct, cable saddles or other equipment without mechanical load. The fast installation without specific tools makes this buckle interesting to fix signs on poles.

The SMART buckle brings speed of installation, reliability and easiness for fitters.

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