Michaud’s history over the years…

The MICHAUD history started in the fifties, in South-Eastern of France. At this time, two brothers having wooded lands decided to exploit this family asset in order to manufacture structural beams for the housing industry. The geographic proximity of the firm with EDF in Bourg-en-Bresse gave birth to a close and durable relationship between both entities led MICHAUD to specialize in electrical equipment.

  • 1956 : Creation by Louis MICHAUD
  • 1976 : Conception of electrical equipment for the meter panels
  • 1980 : Development of the first preinsulated sleeve to crimp MJPB and MJPT, which can hold 6 kV under water, by MICHAUD, with and for EDF
  • 1986 : Elaboration of the first low voltage insulation piercing connectors
  • 1996 : Creation of the subsidiary MICHAUD EXPORT for the marketing of the MICHAUD products on an international scale
  • 1999 : Construction of the MICHAUD TUNISIE factory
  • 2006 : Development in the residential electrical distribution
  • 2008 : Innovation in the energy controlling field by MICHAUD EXPORT
  • 2011 : Launch of the CIBE et CGV cabinets ranges
  • 2014 : Conception of the single pole service connectors for the underground boxes
  • 2016 : Expansion of the MICHAUD EXPORT offer with an earth system range

Today, the MICHAUD Group owes 5 Production Sites in France and 2 abroad, as well as a vast commercial network throughout Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.

The MICHAUD Group maintains a human scale, knows how to listen to its customers in order to adapt, modify and build tomorrow’s solutions.