Low voltage solutions…

As an international actor of the energy sector, Michaud Export is a French Company designing, developing and setting up reliable systems. It enables to reduce maintenance operations on electrical distribution networks.

Fundamentally, Michaud produces equipment for low voltage energy distribution. Now, Michaud Export’s expertise leads the company to develop innovative systems for rural, suburban and urban electrification, focused for developing countries. Today the entire product range is presented in two domains of expertise, Low voltage energy and Energy controlling :

From underground to overhead networks, Michaud Export offers its customers reliable and high-performance systems, including solutions for the protection and earthing of electrical equipment up to installation material. Michaud Export also asserts its know-how by developing solutions to simplify access to energy and secure electricity distribution from fraud.

… including a set of services.

In an increasingly technical environment, Michaud Export offers, in addition to its expertise, a real approach of personalized support and advice to assess the situation, adapt solutions for its customers and offer them the best system. Michaud Export integrates a range of services according to the customer’s requirements: