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New installation

Secure new connections

In surroundings of new electrification projects, the securing of installations has to be considered since the first studies to guarantee the profitability of the operation over a long term period. Michaud Export offers the possibility for the operator to protect himself from fraud risks as soon as the equipment implementation, by the way of innovating solutions.

Michaud Export’s challenge consists in proposing effective, economical and reliable solutions to power companies guaranteeing them installations hard to get round. These solutions aim to overcome failures identified on some key points on low voltage networks from the transformer to the meter.

With a product such as single phase or three phase fraud-preventing aerial service cable, Michaud Export prevents illegal connections. Other solutions restrain electricity theft such as aerial connection box 7 outlets or the fraud preventing meter cabinet and then protect the entire network and connections.

To sum up

+ Pirate connections restricted

+ Connectors theft for selling avoided

+ Fraudulent manipulations of the circuit breaker reduced

+ Meters shunt limited

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