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Source, network and people protection

A certain number of rural or urban networks suffers from a lack of protection bringing to a faster deterioration of electrical equipment. Eventually, these damages represent a danger to people and production source. Michaud Export makes safer those installations, thanks to economical and robust solutions.

Michaud Export’s challenge is to promote the access to protection for electrical equipment in order to make operators installations durable. A better protection reduces maintenance costs, generating substantial savings over the long run.

With a solution such as the fuse switch disconnector, Michaud Export offers an economical and tough product which facilitates the network maintenance and operating. Not very sensitive to charge imbalances, this solution is an effective alternative to thermal image circuit-breakers which tend to provoke inopportune cuts. For people safety and equipment protection, Michaud Export also developed an earth system range. 

To sum up

+ Installations safety and sustainability

+ Medium and long term profitability

+ Easier networks operating and maintenance


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