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Simplified management of consumption

In developing countries, access to energy for rural and suburban populations is a major element of economic and social policies. For operators, new subscribers’ electrification creates significant increases in customer management costs. Michaud Export makes easier the installations maintenance and simplifies low incomes customers management for electrical networks operators, thanks to adapted and optimized solutions,.

Michaud Export’s challenge consists in proposing a viable operating and management model for rural electrification, to operators. Creation of solutions based on a simple, economical and lasting invoicing perfectly fits in with this dynamic. The innovating principle of energy flat fee invoicing enables a simplified management of electricity consumption, reduces fraud and unpaid risks and removes measure and invoicing costs.


ZOOM on flat fee invoicing

  On the operator side  

On the subscriber side

rentabilité du business plan  

Revenus planifiés et régulier

Simplicité de recouvrement

Reliable and profitable business plan


Planned and regular incomes 


Ease recovery

Coûts mensuels fixes

Flexibilité de paiement

Sensibilisation à la gestion de l'énergie

Fixed costs monthly


Flexible payments according to operator agreement 


Progressive awareness to energy mangement 



Michaud Export’s energy mangers enable to control a power or manage an energy, in a total automatically way with full autonomy. Some load limiters or meters dedicated to rural electrification give to the operator some flexibility for his project adaptation. 

To sum up

+ Simplifying customer management

+ Support on economic development

+ Minimising operation and maintenance costs


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