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Reliable and optimized distribution

The implementation of electrical networks in rural contexts requires significant financial resources for operators, limiting the number of connections during electrification projects. By way of an adapted dimensioning of equipment, Michaud Export reduces purchase and operating costs of low voltage lines materials.

Michaud Export’s challenge consists in adapting the electrification model to the local context while guaranteeing the quality and safety of electrical equipment. Transpose models of European type into rural areas in development is not viable for operators. Deep studies lead to work on economic and simplified solutions.

With this in mind, Michaud Export has developed single phase and three phase cables with optimized sections corresponding to real consumption and needs. The 2x6mm² cable can be used to provide savings up to 30% and to comply with the applicable standards. 


To sum up

+ Costs reduction

+ Adaptation to the local context

+ Access to energy optimized


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