Concerned with improving customers and end users’ experience, MICHAUD developed a showroom in its premises. The layout works started at the end of 2019 and the space was officially launched at the beginning of this year and entertains the first visitors. They have had the chance to discover the range and participate in products installations.

A wide range of accessories dedicated to low voltage distribution networks  

This area of more than 120m2 hosts within its space around 200 products samples, a chance to introduce to visitors our extensive range and to promote it. As an expert in distribution networks, Michaud has been able to develop its offer to cover the functions needed by utilities : tap connection, straight junction, protection, point of disconnection, earthing… and focus its development on major challenges such as the access to energy and fraud preventing.

The showroom is organized around the following issue: How to connect the network to the customer?  Through several configurations, it is possible to discover Michaud products and the solutions to connect the low voltage distribution network to the electrical board guaranteeing safety, reliability and efficiency. The patterns displayed are the reflection of our team field knowledge and technical expertise in overhead environment as well as in underground one.

A space for product training

Thanks to real product settings, our team will use the showroom as a training room.  How to install an insulation piercing connector, what is the purpose of the shear head screw, how to guarantee the watertightness of an electrical installation, how to protect the service connection on the underground network… so many questions to which our experts will be able to answer and demonstrate by a real installation.

A space for meetings and interchanges

You may have understood, we want to use this space as a place for gatherings and interchanges with our customers and partners. Needs evolve when it comes to electrical energy as well as expectations of power companies. Easy installation and maintenance, fitter’s safety, aestheticism and flexibility of the systems… the goal is to use and share Michaud experience on those topics and help new possibilities for your networks to emerge. We are willing to foster the co-development with our clients and to bring solutions to their local issues. This showroom will enable to project into a real context and make easier the thinking on the solution for tomorrow.


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