This is a topic that every utility must deal with… On a three-phase network, how to ensure the loads balancing?  Discover the risks of an unbalanced network through this article, and how, thanks to innovative solutions, manufacturers of electrical equipment can make the network more readable to facilitate the fitter work and the maintenance of installations over the years.

The risks of an unbalanced network  

When a subscriber is connected to the network, most commonly via a single-phase connection, the tapping is operated on only one of the three phases of the distribution network. But if one phase is facing an important demand relatively to the others, some phenomenon can appear and provoke risks for the installation:

  • Risk of overload that could provoke thermal heating and a possibility for the phase to burn
  • Early degradation of the equipment leading to a diminution of the installation service life
  • Abnormal usage of the protection devices
  • Risk to provoke energy generation problems

On one side those risks present a threat for people, on the other the cost for the power companies can be remarkably high in maintenance considering the cable which is the main expense item in the installation.

Then, how can we ensure the loads balancing during the fitting?

Make the network more readable

In exclusivity, MICHAUD has developed a multitaps aerial connection box fixed at the top of a pole which offers several benefits:

  • Realize many taps: thanks to several outlets per connection block, the box enables to operate up to 6 single phase service tap connections. This caracteristic is useful in a crowded environment like suburban areas.
  • Gather the connections: the network is more readable and clearer because connections are gathered in one only point.
  • Diminution of connectors: if the box ensures a better visibility, it is mainly because the insulation piercing connectors can be reduced if not removed.
  • Balance the phases: with an installation that makes clear the number of connections on each phase, it’s easier to distribute the connections on the three phases.

Those advantages listed above enlighten the impacts on the network understanding and the identification of the phases for the fitters.

Facilitate the fitter work 

One of the challenges for the manufacturers of electrical equipment is to design devices and fittings which facilitate fitter’s work on the field.

The connection box enables to minimize risks of error thanks to one connection block per phase and one for the neutral facilitating the identification of the service lines and the phases connected. Through the test probes, it is also possible to check the potential at the terminals.

The aerial box also gives some flexibility over the time by leaving free outlets for future connections. The unused terminals remain available and watertight, the connections can be performed in several steps.

Last but not least, this solution aims to guarantee fitter’s safety by minimizing electrocution risks, indeed, once opened, the box has a protection degree IP2X for the installer.

A safe and reliable solution

If this solution protects the fitter, it also gives a strong resistance over the years (corrosion, humidity, UV) and a mechanical protection of the connections thanks to the IP43 cabinet. To sum up, it offers a mechanical and electrical protection. Paired with fused fittings, it is considered as an efficient system.

Finally, if the aerial box spotlights many benefits: safety, protection, efficiency… and thanks to the clearer network, the illegal connections are more easily detectable. Those fraudulent consumptions can create a lack of balance between the phases and provoke damages on the lines, as well as an increase of the costs for utilities induced by those non-technical losses.

You still have some inquiries about the multitaps aerial connection box? Get further information by watching this video or contact our technical team to study your project.

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