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Tap and junction gel box

Tap and junction gel box

These gel boxes are designed to establish low voltage conductor junction or tapping.
They protect, insulate and make the connection waterproof in a single work operation.
They comprise a connector trapped in gel once the product has been implemented. This connector can be dismantled.
The box can be implemented in soil, water or outdoors. It can be reused several times.

DIN EN 50393 

Code Designation Weight Unit Sale
N708 QUICKGEL 125C 0.125 1
N709 QUICKGEL 32.5C 0.085 1
N710 QUICKGEL 506C 0.275 1
N711 QUICKGEL 516C 0.470 1
N712 QUICKGEL 425P 0.785 7
N713 QUICKGEL 525P 0.855 1
N714 QUICKGEL 516YC 0.780 1
N715 QUICKGEL 525YC 1.290 1
N716 QUICKGEL 100 0.070 1
N717 QUICKGEL 500 0.185 1
N718 QUICKGEL 510 0.330 1
N719 QUICKGEL 520 0.610 1
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