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Service insulation piercing connector

Service insulation piercing connector

This connector is designed to connect the insulated service conductors to the low voltage A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors).

Insulation piercing is carried out on the main and tap conductors simultaneously in a single tightening operation.

Connectors K441, K442 and K443 are fitted with a yellow shear head indicator that disappears when head is sheared-off, being a clear visual confirmation of good tightening from ground level.


NF C 33-020 , EN 50-483

Find the implementation video.

Code Designation Weight Unit Sale
K322 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 25 ZF - ERDF 0.120 12
K323 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 70 ZF - ERDF 0.120 12
K324 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 150 ZF - ERDF 0.130 12
K331 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 70 ZF 0.130 30
K332 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 95 ZF 0.130 30
K330 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 150 ZF 0.140 30
K441 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 95 SF 0.135 20
K442 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 150/1.5-25 SF 0.140 20
K443 CONNECTOR CBS/CT 150/6-35 SF 0.140 20
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