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Existing installation

Stabilize the existing network

In developing countries, the decrease of non-technical losses of power companies represents the key of their profitability on the long term. Through simple solutions for networks renovation, Michaud Export enables to secure electrical installations and to prevent fraudulent manipulations.

Michaud Export’s challenge consists in offering, for existing networks, solutions enabling to overcome some facing issues: consumptions not invoiced, illegal connections, equipment theft…

With its fraud preventing kit, consisted on a cutout sleeve and a regulator, Michaud Export offers a cut-off spot outside the dwelling for the operator and a regulation of client consumption.  Other solutions like the aerial connection box at the top of the pole, or the anti-climbing buckles make the electrical installations difficult to access and offer a quick return on investment. 

To sum up

+ Cleaned network at a lower cost

+ Invoicing conform with consumption

+ Significant decrease of non-technical losses

+ Increase of electricity companies incomes 

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