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Copper earth plate and grid

Copper earth plate and grid

This copper earth electrode is used for the power networks earth system.
When a deep implementation is not possible, it gives an important contact area with the soil to discharge fault currents.

 EN 50 164-2

Code Designation Weight Unit Sale
U184 COPPER EARTH PLATE 500x500x2 4.5 1
U185 COPPER EARTH PLATE 500x500x3 6.8 1
U187 COPPER EARTH PLATE 500x1000x3 13.6 1
U188 COPPER EARTH GRID 1000x1000x2 3.0 1
U189 COPPER EARTH GRID 2000x1000x2 4.0 1
U190 COPPER EARTH GRID 3000x1000x2 5.0 1
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