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Meter cabinet Rural Electrification for IGA’s

Meter cabinet Rural Electrification for IGA’s

This cabinet offers a simplified meter solution allowing the operator to decrease the implementation. 

This 2 outputs meter cabinet is a solution that is perfectly suitable for rural electrification and particularly Income Greating Activities (IGA's).

It comprises an internal circuit breaker, a meter and a differential circuit breaker to ensure goods protection.

It is equipped with an input through a large cable gland for power supply and 2 outputs:
- An electrical outlet for simple access to energy,
- A second output through a smaller cable gland and an insulating screw joint for home wiring.

The whole is pre-wired.

Ideally, it can be installed inside the home or in an outdoor shelter.


Option :

As an alternative, the meter cabinet is proposed with one output (1.0), access to energy being possible only through the power socket on the front side. (K841 to K847)


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Code Designation Weight Unit Sale
K851 METER CABINET 2.O 1A 1.000 1
K853 METER CABINET 2.O 3A 1.000 1
K855 METER CABINET 2.O 5A 1.000 1
K856 METER CABINET 2.O 10A 1.000 1
K857 METER CABINET 2.O 15A 1.000 1
K841 METER CABINET 1.O 1A 1.000 1
K843 METER CABINET 1.O 3A 1.000 1
K845 METER CABINET 1.O 5A 1.000 1
K846 METER CABINET 1.O 10A 1.000 1
K847 METER CABINET 1.O 15A 1.000 1
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