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Travel with our sales team

Travel with our sales team

By supporting your projects around the world, our sales team share with you some photos of our products in their environment. Energy manager, aerial connection box, fuse switch disconnector or even overhead connector... many solutions which prove its worth on international electrical networks. 

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Judging by a presence in several geographical areas and partners in more than 50 countries, our products must answer local obligation and resist many climates. In its approach of products development, MICHAUD Export gives many importance to this element. In this context, R&D team participates in producing the best answer face to specific constraints that customers can meet on the field.  

In addition to a meteorological adaptation, MICHAUD Export gives a huge importance to develop products according to local habits in matter of installation and according to worldwide standards : IEC, EN, DIN, AISI…

To promote field closeness, MICHAUD Export work with local utilities to better understand market expectations. Consult some of our references.