Newsroom News New underground range 300 mm²
New underground range 300 mm²

New underground range 300 mm²

With growing energy needs, equipment in electrical distribution must ensure the possibility to receive a bigger intensity. It is within this context that MICHAUD Export developed a product range able to answer a capacity of conductors up to 300 mm².

Complete solutions for 300 mm² sections …

Leader in its capacity to offer a complete range for 300 mm², MICHAUD Export  takes advantage of its experience to assist new field applications. The offer of the range 300 enables to realise junction and tap connection in underground environment. It secures an easy installation thanks to solutions available in one kit, as well as a comfort in maintenance with watertight systems guaranteeing a longevity of 20 years.  

Underground range 300 michaud export


In what concerns underground junction, the kit comprises mechanical tightening sleeves and heat-shrinkable sheaths guaranteeing watertightness and conductor insulation.

The solution for tap connection in underground environment is realised y means of a whole kit comprises a multipole connector installed inside an underground box. Several types of resin are avalaible: epoxy, polyurethane or hydrocarbon. This solution uses insulation piercing technology and enables to realise one or two outlets.

To realise a connection with the overhead network, the sub-surface junction ensures the connection of different conductor sections with the help of a mechanical preinsulated sleeve.

MICHAUD Export proposes complete systems but allows to adapt this range with your practices on the field.


… adjustable with the environment

 The range 300 mm² offers a wide span of possibilities to receive conductors :  

-          Circular or sectoral

-          Copper or aluminium

-          Solid or stranded core


MICHAUD Export guides in the choice of your solution in order to meet the best local and environmental expectancies. We propose a support for conductors dimensions, protection of third parties or even earth system.


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